First things first:

There's nothing "wrong" with you.

There's nothing "wrong" with your teen.

You're not alone.

You've come to the right place.

And I can help!

Do you ever wonder why -

  • nobody follows the house rules?

  • rewards, punishment, and consquences don't work?

  • lecturing just seems to make things worse?

  • you and your spouse can't get on the same page?

Do you ever wonder if everything you've been taught about parenting is wrong?

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About Sue

​In the spring of 2003, I was a desperate single mother of six. (You can read My Story here.) Then I discovered a parent group that saved my life - and my sanity.

The group was based on Choice Theory by William Glasser, and what I learned was so powerful and life-changing that I went on to get trained in Choice Theory and Reality Therapy, and later became faculty with the Glasser Institute. Since then, my passion has been helping parents reconnect with their disruptive teens and restore peace to their chaotic households.

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Donna DiMascio,

Parent & Organizer

After leaving a bad marriage, my youngest child flew out of control. He started doing drugs, skipping school, stealing and getting arrested. I reached out to every agency who would see me. I reached out to family and friends. No one could help. Some wanted to label him, others wanted to tell me how to get him under control, and others could only sympathize. Then I met Sue. Through her work at a parent support group, I re-learned what it meant to be a parent, how to change what wasn't working and how to stop being the judge, jury and jailer, when none of that was my job anyway. Sue truly gave me a different outlook on parenting and how to manage all of the relationships in my life. Priceless.


Elaine Matjasec,

Parent & Teacher

I met Sue at an all-time low point in my life. I was feeling deeply inadequate as a parent and utterly helpless to change my situation, as I thought I had tried everything and, to my dismay, my relationship with my daughter was getting progressively worse.
I began working with Sue, and started to see results immediately. Once my husband and I hired Sue to coach us, I really began to see big and lasting changes. Now here I am, seven months later. I don't cry all the time any more, I don't talk about my daughter and all her "problems," I have gained control over myself and stopped trying to control my daughter, I have learned how to live in a household run by principles rather than rules (which my daughter didn't follow anyway), and I am being who I want to be: a loving, friendly, confident, assertive person!


Lisa Latorcai,

Parent & Trainer

Sue is natural and intuitive. She helps me see my own contribution to my challenges, and I have succeeded with many areas under her tutelage. Her style has also been an inspiring example to me in my own practice as a trainer.